March 3, 2009:
Kiwi Vocabulary Trainer available for free.


Kiwi Vocabulary Trainer

"Kiwi '97 Vocabulary Trainer is an educational program designed to help you develop a variety of language skills. Eighteen languages are supported, and English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish vocabulary files are included for testing. Kiwi '97 offers a Windows '95-like unit manager, sound support, file card printing, and support for special fonts for additional languages (Chinese, Japanese, and so on). You can create your own customizable vocabulary tests in a variety of formats, easily switch between languages, and use a logbook to review your mistakes."

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Download Kiwi for free and send an e-mail to the address displayed above to receive your free registration key (needed after the 30 day trial periode).

Program features (click here to see some screen shots)